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Bouquet and Garter Toss


It was considered lucky to get a fragment of the bride’s clothing. In those days, the bride was treated poorly. Guests would grab at her wedding dress in order to tear off pieces. Although brides continued to believe that they would not be wearing their wedding gowns again, they objected to its wanton destruction. They looked for an alternative and, thus began the custom of throwing personal articles, such as the garter, to the guests.

Bouquet Toss: All single women are asked to join the bride for the bouquet toss. Bride tosses bouquet to single women. One lady will catch the bouquet. Tradition has it that whoever catches the bouquet – who gets to keep it, by the way, will be the next one married
Garter Removal: The bride sits in a chair in the middle of the dance floor. The groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg.
Garter Toss: The groom tosses the garter to the single men.
Garter Placement: The two “winners” come together in the middle of the dance floor, where the woman is seated, and the man with the garter slides it up her leg.

There are many, many variations of the above events. Some brides and grooms choose not to have a bouquet and garter toss. Others choose to only toss the bouquet. It is totally your call. All, some or none. When young children are involved, the fourth part would be skipped.

In place of the Bouquet and Garter:
Anniversary Dance:

DJ asks all married couples out to the dance floor, plays a love song, then one by one the couples leave according to how many years they have been married. In the end, one couple married the longest remains, and they get a spotlight dance or your Bridal bouquet. Very nice.

Bouquet Toss Songs:

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – (Cyndi Lauper)
I feel like a woman – (Shania Twain)
This one is for the girls – (Martina McBride)
Its Raining Men – (The Weather Girls)
Another One Bites the Dust – (Queen)
Just a girl – (No Doubt)
Single White Female – (Chely Wright)
Diamonds are a girls best friend – (Marilyn Monroe)
Can’t Hold Us Down – (Christina Aguilera)
Shoop Shoop Song – (Cher)

Garter Removal Songs:
The Stripper – (David Rose)
Bad To The Bone – (George Thorogood)
U’ Can’t Touch This – (MC Hammer)
Theme From Jaws
Legs – (ZZ Top)
Under Pressure – (Queen)
Peter Gun Theme – (The Blues Brothers)
I’m too Sexy – (Right Said Fred)
Theme from Home Improvement
Theme from Rocky

Garter Toss Songs:
Mission Impossible Theme
Who Let The Dogs Out – (Baha Men)
Macho Man – (Villiage People)
We Are The Champions – (Queen)
Wild Thing – (Tone Loc)
Bad Boys – (Inner Circle)
Sharp Dressed Man – (ZZ Top)
White Wedding – (Billy Idol)
I know What Boys Like – (Waitresses)
Fever – (Peggy Lee)

Garter Placement Songs:

Oh Yeah – (Yello)
U’ Can’t Touch This – (MC Hammer)
Hot Legs – (Rod Stewart)
Luck Me A Lady Tonight – (Frank Sinatra)
Hot In Here – (Nelly)
You Can Leave Your Hat On – (Joe Cocker)
Some Guys Have All the Luck – (Rod Stewart)
Let’s Get It On – (Marvin Gaye)
You Shook Me All Night Long – (AC/DC)
Stranger In The Night – (Frank Sinatra